Photographer of the Week: Scott Gould

Scott Gould, from Caro, Michigan, is a photographer with many sidelines. He shoots models, often in sexy outfits. He shoots nature. He shoots for the cosmetics firm Toxic Beauty. And he not only shoots Santa… he is Santa!


Yes, one of those sidelines is a Naughty Santa firm that hires out Santa for adult holiday events. And if you tell him what a naughty girl you’ve been, Santa will do something about it:


One naughty girl to receive this treatment, back in 2013, was Ginger Jill. Here she is:


I wonder if her naughtiness lay partly in lying about being ginger? Anyhow, here’s what she got:


Also on the 2013 naughty list was Shawnda Marie:


And here’s what Santa had for her:


But obviously Santa is only a seasonal sideline, whereas naughty schoolgirls are always with us. Time to meet another model, Stephani Hascall. Here she is having an encounter with a Naughty Santa of a non-Gould variety:


Maybe every model needs a smacked bottom from Santa, but on another non-Gould shoot for a different holiday, Stephani showed her true colors:


When she shot for Scott in 2012, the object of her attentions was Jackie Benson. Here she is:


And here’s the spanking in all its glory:


If you are interested in Scott Gould’s work, please visit his online portfolio. And if you live in Michigan and would like to hire Naughty Santa, you can contact him here.

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