Part educational event and part comedy revue, Estresados (Stressed Out) was a live show dealing with sadomasochism in Mexico, which opened in November 2015, and ran in various venues until the following September. The dominant member of the cast was bondage expert Alexander Marqués, and his submissive costar was the acclaimed Mexican voice artist Fernanda Tapia, known as the narrator’s voice in the Spanish-language version of Desperate Housewives shown south of the Trump wall.


Some terrible things happened to her in the show, the least painful and most appealing of which was…


You can tell from the length of the run that the show was popular, and naturally it attracted a lot of media interest. For example:

When the show opened, they publicized it in an edition of the radio program Periscope, during which Alexander took the lovely presenter Martha Debayle across his knee:


(You can listen to the program here.)

A month or so into the run of the show, Christmas came, as Christmas is wont to do. Guess how they celebrated?


I guess somebody had to eat her Christmas dinner off the mantelpiece…

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