Photographer of the Week: Michael Zinn

01 Michael Zinn easter

Wrong holiday? Maybe, but stick around.

Based on Long Island, New York, Michael Zinn has long experience at the interface between photography and the corporate and advertising world. He also takes some beautiful shots of women.

02 Michael Zinn Irene Clarke03 Michael Zinn04 Michael Zinn

In 2011, he created Women of Armageddon, intending it as a post-apocalyptic spoof of a girlie calendar. The idea took off, and is still going strong.

05 Michael Zinn women of armageddon

So he combines corporate work with high-concept shoots which take their inspiration from such areas of popular culture as comic books, movie posters and pinups: it’s the art of photography as practiced by a graphic designer.

06 Michael Zinn

In 2012, he did a seasonal Women of Armageddon shoot with the New York rock star Mick James.

06a Michael Zinn

The prettier participant was the Korean actress and model Katharin Mraz.

07 Ladie K Mraz

08 Ladie K Mraz09 Ladie K Mraz

Here she is at the Hilton, Long Beach, in June 2012, in the company of someone who appears to be just too idle to sit up and do his duty.

10 Ladie K Mraz

Five or six months later, she wasn’t so lucky. But then Mick James was playing Santa, who is known for having naughty girls on his lap.

11 Michael Zinn

No, not like that. Like this:

12 Michael Zinn Mick James spanks Ladie K Mraz13 Michael Zinn

If you are interested in Michael Zinn’s work, please visit his website.

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