Photographer of the Week: Tara Leavitt

01 Brooklyn Brat logo

Tara Leavitt doesn’t live in Brooklyn and I have no reason to imagine that she’s a brat. But Brooklyn Brat is the name of her Atlanta firm, and clearly she adores photography.


‘Your images hold power,’ she says. ‘Every time you pick up the camera, you have an opportunity to make art, to ask questions, to share beauty, to expose truth.’


She prefers not to be pinned down to any one genre or style: ‘You name it, I’ll photograph it,’ she says. So there are other sides to her work than the one that’s prominent here!

And taking of sides, here are a couple of Georgia girls showing an interesting side of themselves. First Honey Brown:

05 Brooklyn Brat Honey Brown

And now Lynn Blaze:

06 Brooklyn Brat Lynn Blaze

They got together with Tara to do an Ice Queen shoot on a seasonally snowy set. Here’s Honey in costume:

07 Honey Brown

Her hat tells you nearly all you need to know! But it seems Lynn was a forgiving type. She was ‘nice’.


That seems like a very fair offer: goodwill to all girls, even the naughty ones. But Honey didn’t share the sentiment:


Well, two can play at that game!


If you are interested in the many and varied sides of Tara’s work, please visit the Brooklyn Brat website. And for another Georgia brat getting what brats always get, go here.

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