Photographers of Past Weeks: Update

This is our annual revisit of some of the great photographers who have featured in the weekly Photographer of the Week series, and whose gift for taking splendid spanking pictures just keeps on giving.

Patrick Parenteau had his camera out again at Sin City, with the model Mia Cosco:

Patrick Parenteau u0Patrick Parenteau u1Patrick Parenteau u2Patrick Parenteau u2aPatrick Parenteau u3Patrick Parenteau ghjPatrick Parenteau u4

He also took it to a beach party… in the winter. One of the girls evidently needed warming up:

Patrick Parenteau beach party

And one of Sin City’s regular SPANK! parties finally featured something of much more than marginal relevance:

Sin City 2016 Spank a

Sin City 2016 Spank bSin City 2016 Spank c

In January 2016, Don Cross did a shoot for Valentine’s Day in which Sushii Xhyvette played Cupid, and learned that not all ladies seem to like Cupid…

Don Cross spanked Cupid Súshii Xhyvette

And in October, Don’s lens facilitated a meeting between Bunny Westpalm and Maria Ashley Risque, with the following consequence:


In last year’s update, Liz Huckleby presented a splendid image of Katie Belle administering a spanking. But this year, Katie is the other way up, thanks to Lollie Moore:

Liz Huckleby models Lollie Moore & Katie Belle

Next up is more good work from the Queen of the Midwestern pinup photographers, Autumn Luciano:


Here’s another from Kallisto Killer of Uvudu in Tennessee:


And finally it’s back into color and back to Vancouver, where Shimona Henry managed to catch Evilyn 13 getting what for from Mimi Cherry:


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