The Fille Files: 2016 Roundup

2016 was, on the whole, a less spectacular year for Fille than 2014 or 2015, at least in terms of media circulation of the spanking scene, but there are still some sights to enjoy.

We begin in the Croatian city of Split, where a version by the British choreographer Norman Arthur Dixon premiered in February. And here’s the Split smacking, administered to Eva Karpilovska by Igor Gluskov:

On March 12-13, La Fille came to the Sauerland Theater, Arnsberg, and une fille was smacked:


Things were no better for Lise in Argentina:


On April 22, part of the first act of Fille was performed in Burnaby, British Columbia, as an entry in the annual Canadian Star Talent Dance Competition. Happily for us, the extract came to an end just a few moments later than Lise might have wished:

2016 Star Talent Dance Competition 2

In late May, the American Ballet Theatre staged Fille at the Met in New York, with (among others) Stella Abrera as Lise. Here she is in rehearsal:

2016 American Ballet Theatre rehearsal Stella Abrera

‘Sometimes I get spanked at the office,’ she wrote. (Maybe so, dear, but here you’re only getting smacked!)

June saw the summer exams at many ballet schools, which had certain consequences for especially proficient ballerinas like this one from Calabria,


this one from near Genoa,


and this one from southern Italy:

2016 Italy

Not just in Italy, though. In Fort de France, Martinique, Mathilde Champeval starred as Lise, and got this smacking:


And the photographer obviously thought her spanking was one of the highlights of the show. She herself may not have done…


Now for some smacking at a ballet school in Wellesley, Massachusetts:

2016 Miss Michelle's Center for the Performing Arts 012016 Miss Michelle's Center for the Performing Arts 02

Meanwhile in Chicago, the Northwest Ballet Academy staged two performances, each with a different cast – two very different casts. Here’s Lise being smacked in the first performance:

2016 NW Ballet perf 1 022016 NW Ballet perf 1 032016 NW Ballet perf 1 04

And here’s the inevitable escalation:

2016 NW Ballet perf 1 122016 NW Ballet perf 1 132016 NW Ballet perf 1 14

As you can see, the casting that time round was color-blind, whereas for the second performance the academy reverted to the traditional gender-blind casting, meaning the blonde ballerina felt a man’s hand on her most tender spot. First the smacking:

2016 NW Ballet perf 2 022016 NW Ballet perf 2 032016 NW Ballet perf 2 04

And then the spanking, with rather a good expression of dismay from Lise:

2016 NW Ballet perf 2 09

And down in Texas, things aren’t looking good for Lise:


Not good at all…


Which of course refers to her predicament, not her performance…


Meanwhile, at the Hippmann Dance School at Wels in Austria, the spanking was being handled less conventionally:


In July, there was another female Simone at the Ginette Academia de Ballet in Culiacan, Mexico. Lise was star pupil Andrea Martinez Cueto, and the available montage of scenes includes a second or two of her being smacked:

And now for the spanking:


And who’s playing Simone there? It is in fact none other than Ginette Sobrino Iberri, the director of the Ginette Academia – making this one of the very rare cases when the reward for being a school’s best student is a spanking from the headmistress!

Another dance school staged Fille on July 24, this one in Leiria, Portugal, and with new choreography by Diogo de Carvalho, Carolina Soares and Inês Maria Silva. As Lise, Ana Patricia Fernandes was spared the smacking, or at least, the bottom-smacking – her mother vigorously smacks her face instead. But she does gets spanked later on, and in front of her friends too – most of whom then get their bottoms smacked when the widow chases them away:

In September, Fille returned to the Royal Ballet, and one of the dancers introduced to the role of Lise was Yuhui Choe, seen here with Jonathan Howells as Simone in naughtinesss correction stage 1:


And stage 2:


You may have noticed that, until now, we haven’t seen much of Lise’s panties, and even the Royal Ballet’s effort falls some way short of the Amber Benchmark. There was a piquant continuation of this disappointing trend at Yoshkar-Ola in Russia, where Fille premiered in November. This is an SLB spanking rather than OTK, and the widow (Ivan Melechin) lifts not only Lise but also her skirt. As you’d expect, Lise isn’t thrilled about that idea… and this particular Lise shows it by petulantly pulling the skirt back down!

November also saw a production a production in Montenegro, Brazil, with Bruna Goulart as Lise, seen here being smacked:

And here’s a production with Annette Delgado as Lise, as part of the Havana Ballet Festival. The Cuban Ballet uses a non-Ashton version of the choreography (which I’ll write about another time), but the Widow still reinforces the order to get to work with a firm slap on the bottom!

In this version, you have to wait for some full-scale spanking action until near the end of the ballet:

Back to Brazil now for another dance school offering, staged on November 26. Here’s the smacking:


And the spanking:


And still in Brazil, still at ballet school, but this time it’s not a full production but a series of set pieces cobbled together. The lack of any kind of seating onstage bodes ill for our favorite part of the ballet, but there are some points of incidental interest, such as the fact that Lise is, unusually, wearing black panties rather than white, and that Colas gets a close look at them when he comically tries to hide under her skirts! And perhaps more to the point, the selection does include the smacking:

And we’re not done with Brazil, yet! The ballet was performed in Sao Caetano do Sul on December 3 and 4:

Brazil still: Itaipu on December 14, to be precise, and as usual Lise got her bottom smacked:


Here’s yet another smacking in Lautaro, Chile, on December 29:

But let’s not end the year on a minor key. The Brazilian Dance Conservatory in Rio also staged the ballet in December, with Manoel Francisco as Simone and Danielle Marinho as Lise, and they gave us the very best Fille spanking picture of the year:


And that’s it for 2016. Tune in next year for the Fille smackings and spankings of 2017!

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