Photographer of the Week: Lindsay Archer

Lindsay Archer, based in Georgia, is first and foremost a noted fantasy artist. For her, photographs are not the finished work of art but an interim part of the process – in other words, she shoots her own stock photos for use as reference material in the creation of her fine, beautiful paintings.

But even so, she is just as meticulous with the lens as with the brush, and sets herself high standards – which, as it happens, she feels she didn’t meet in the shoot that interests us, from September 2007.

Time now to meet the models. Here’s Heather Fagan:

01 Heather Fagan

And here’s another side of her:

02 Heather Fagan03 Heather Fagan

Here’s Wendi, showing us the same side of herself.

04 Wendi

Don’t smack her too hard, Daven, she needs to be able to sit down!

And here she is sitting down, with Heather on the floor.


I think you can tell the balance of power between these girls.


What’s going to happen to Heather? Well, for starters she can have the same thing Daven gave to Wendi.


But when it comes down to it, there’s really no substitute for…


So what’s wrong with that? Well, Lindsay was dissatisfied with the lighting for the shoot, which meant that in some cases she had to use the flash, and in some cases the focus was softer than she would have liked, too. Well, I did say she sets herself high standards!

If you are interested in Lindsay Archer’s work, please visit her website, where, if you like what she has to offer, you can buy prints of her paintings.

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