More from the Médecin Chest

This is our periodic survey of recently discovered examples of the spanking scene from Moliere’s comedy Le Médecin Malgré Lui. This time it’s a globe-trotting, time-traveling update that begins in France a generation or three back, with this 1960 television production of Charles Gounod’s 1858 opera based on the play:

Still in France but now in the 2010s, here’s a trailer for the Theatre aux Eclats production, which we’ve covered before:

Disappointingly, that’s a lot less exciting than what they did with the scene at rehearsals, which you can see here.

And the scene also features in an anthology of Moliere extracts, Terriblement Moliere, staged by the troupe who call themselves the Enfants Terribles. ‘Can a spanking be considered a proof of love?’ asks the show’s publicity tagline. Here’s Christelle Furet finding out from Xavier Devichi:


That was in the publicity shoot. But on stage it was done like this:


Over to Chile now, for an English-language production in which Martine clearly enjoys being spanked by her husband:

And while we’re in Chile, here’s another snippet:

Here’s a spanking from a Mexican production of 2012:

Medecin 2012 Puebla Mexico

Still in the same country, but now in 2015, here’s Briana Barajas being spanked in Mexico City, in photos from four different performances:


(The word is, incidentally, that she was actually spanked, and wasn’t altogether happy about it. Oh dear…)

Back in the old world, here’s a Czech production from 1995:

From Romania, we begin with three videos of the same production, two different performances and a somewhat less vigorous rehearsal:

And now a promo for a different Romanian production:

And yet another from Romania:


Russia makes multiple contributions, too:

The production at St Petersburg in 2002 offers only a whack with a shoe, but this Martine, dressed only in a towel that seems always about to fall off, is not to be sniffed at:

And at Moscow’s Theater Satyricon in 2016, with Konstantin Novichkov and Rosalia Kajumova:


And in this production Sganarelle’s faux-medical attentions to Lucinde (Elena Golyakova), while not strictly relevant, are also rather appealing:


To Greece now, where we begin with a production from 2003:

A 2014 production featured Venetoulias Giorgos and Eleutheria Nikitopoulou as the warring husband and wife:


And we finish off with a splendid (and relatively extended) spanking from another Greek production, this one from 2016, with Tasos Papadopoulos as Sganarelle and Xanthi Kaparou as Martine, performing in several different contexts:

medecin-2016-greece-01medecin-2016-greece-a2016 GreeceMedecin 2016 Greecemedecin-2016-greece-04

And one especially nice thing about this production is that she got spanked a second time…


… in the curtain call at the end of the play. Applause, please!

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