The Importance of Being at the Maison Ernest

Need cooling down? Maybe not, unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, but if you’re pressed for a Valentine’s gift you might still want to invest in a designer fan by the French firm En Cas de Chaleur (In Case of Heat). They’re available exclusively from the Parisian outlet, Maison Ernest, and there are two to choose from, featuring a couple ladies who might also be suffering from a little localized heat before too long.

The first fan carries a design called Faute Avouée (Misdeed Admitted):

en-cas-de-chaleur Faute Avouee

And once she’s admitted her naughtiness, it’s a case of Correction Exigée (Spanking Required):

en-cas-de-chaleur- Correction Exigee

Lovely designs by artist Elsa Fabrega, albeit, once again, somewhat familiar poses.

Might the first girl’s faute by any chance have been to lose her garter?

en-cas-de-chaleur Faute AvoueeGetting Gertie's Garter 1945

And the second girl’s correction might possibly have involved a typing error…

en-cas-de-chaleur- Correction Exigee56 1948 My Dear Secretary

At least they’ll be able to use the fans to cool one another’s heated seats!

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