No Pants Subway Ride: The Best of 2017

A month ago, on January 8, a pretty young Londoner took a trip on the Tube. Let’s accompany her, keeping in mind the question of whether there’s anything missing.

She waited on the platform at Leicester Square.


The train arrived.


She boarded and rode the train. But although there were at least five men in the carriage, nobody was gallant enough to offer her a seat.


On arrival at King’s Cross, off she got.


Out of the station with some friends…


And finally she celebrated her trip by doing the splits in the station concourse…


and a handstand in the Euston Road.


Now, let’s return to that vital question: is there something missing?

And the answer, of course, is: no, there’s absolutely nothing missing. For she was a participant in the 2017 No Pants Subway Ride, the annual event in which comical commuters ride the rail minus their pants, causing astonishment to passengers who really haven’t been paying attention during the sixteen years since its inauguration in New York in 2002.


It’s also not unknown for bemused Brits to demur: ‘But she is wearing her pants,’ they insist.


America to the rescue!


What they are wearing is their panties, which are also called pants in Britain. What they’re not wearing is their pants, which are better known as trousers in Britain.


Mystery solved?


But what, you ask, about the girl on the right, who is obviously not wearing either pants or panties? She’s flouting the rules laid down by the event’s organizers, but maybe not as badly as you think…

Participants are supposed to wear appropriate undergarments, but nothing much is stipulated about exactly how appropriateness might be defined, meaning a range of different underwear styles are usually on view.


Some are colorful, but utilitarian.


Some are being worn in the expectation that they will not only be seen but, if not heard, then read.


And some are barely distinguishable from summer outerwear.


After all, if you know you’re likely to be photographed without your pants on (US version), modesty may be an issue!


On the other hand, some ladies would prefer it to be a matter of public knowledge that they wear pretty, feminine panties!


But in previous years, thongs have always been rather frowned on. So some of the more abbreviated styles on show in 2017 were a bit of a surprise.


And that is surely the explanation for that bare-bottomed lady we encountered a while back. Was she being foolhardy? Because. let’s face it, January 8 was not exactly a temperate day in many parts of the northern hemisphere.


Even in Arizona – if you believe the panties, at least!


Or maybe she just flouted the regulations because she was… naughty!

And it seems she wasn’t the only one:


Well, we know how to deal with a naughty girl, but do the participants in the No Pants Subway Ride? Maybe not, though some of the girls themselves seem to have the right idea!


But so far as we know, there’s never been a No Pants Subway Spanking. More’s the pity, when you consider the pulchritude that’s sometimes on display at both ends.

And for this year’s best in show award, take your pick from the following:


Admittedly there’s not much competition there…

As it happens, we’ve met her twice before, and wearing the very same panties too. (See here and here.) Now let’s go along with the lovely lady as she takes her 2017 No Pants Subway Ride. On the platform…


Somebody got a surprise!


She managed to explain herself, it seems, but not before boarding the train.


And unsurprisingly, she still attracted some attention en route.


But did any of those keen photographers think to look at her in a different way? Hurrah for the one who did!



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