Are Thongs Comfortable?

You know, I really don’t care whether thongs are comfortable or not. I’d much rather introduce you to the artist known as Taversia:


Red-haired Tavi is a many-talented person: academic, author, artist, model, dancer, singer, sociologist… she’s done it all. Here are a few of her more immediately obvious assets and talents:


In the fall of 2016, she made her debut single, which arises out of her academic work in gender studies, and also out of the strange things that certain sleazy kinds of men say to women on the internet, protected by the cloak of online anonymity. Hence that title, ‘Are Thongs Comfortable?’ And, no, I still don’t care.

But what I do care about, and find enjoyable, is the associated music video she shot with Indiana filmmaker Ryq Peden in October, in which she presents the song through two contrasting female characters: a modern business-suited executive and a 1950s housewife. Here she is in one of those roles:


And when a 1950s housewife burns the dinner, there may be certain consequences:


In such¬†circumstances it is fair to say that thongs aren’t comfortable. Luckily it’s the 1950s, so it’s proper girls’ panties instead:


Not that they’ll be very comfortable either, for the next few minutes!

Here’s the video:

If you are interested in Taversia’s work, or would like to get a deeper appreciation of her many talents, please visit her website.

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