Photographer of the Week: Peter Diablow

Peter Diablow is a photographer who shoots on the edge. He describes his work as having ‘a glamor style, but with a horror twist’: dark, fetish, horror and fantasy themes are his staple fare, and he especially likes working with intense-looking women: ‘the crazier they look, the better’.


He grew up in Amsterdam, where he is now based, but first encountered fetish and burlesque imagery during an extended stay in the US, where he studied film and shot with the legendary burlesque dancer Dita von Teese. While in Boston he set up Dark Minded Angels Photography as an outlet for his work, which draws on his expertise in cinema: he lights a shoot as if it were a film set, creating a distinctive atmosphere.


And he clearly prizes the high quality of his visuals:

‘I think artists should never say what they want people to see in their work. I want people to experience it for themselves. If they appreciate the lighting and vivid colors, that’s good enough for me. If they see a deeper meaning behind the image, I’m happy too.’

Over the years, he has returned intermittently to the theme of spanking. Here’s an early example from 2007:


In 2012, he shot with Monique Sluyter:


Here she is as a vampire girl getting what all naughty vampire girls need:


And in 2015, the models were Nathalie van der Wilk…


… and Mandy Slim:


And this time it looks as if the intense-looking vampire girl may have the upper hand:


If you are interested in Peter Diablow’s work, please visit his website.

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