Photographer of the Week: Roy Austen

Roy Austen, of Launceston, Tasmania, is an experienced, published, ex-professional photographer who now shoots mainly as a weekend hobby. His specialties include some stunning portraiture, and fantasy themes.



And since he has closed his studio, much of his work is now shot on location.


The shoot that interests us took place on October 3, 2016. One of the participants was Shannon Hainsworth, who models under the name Violent Yoga.


And doing a little violence upon Yoga was Tehlia Kiara Petch.


She’s not only a model but is also studying photography with Roy.


Here’s what she did to Yoga:


I usually conclude these articles by encouraging you, if you’re interested in the photographer’s work, to visit their website, and this is no exception. But this time there’s also a graver request.

Three months after the spanking shoot, Roy was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Short of a miracle, he will be dead by the end of 2017. His 11-year-old son, for whom he is the sole carer, will be orphaned. He has set up a charitable fund to support the boy when that happens. So if Roy Austen’s photography has given you any pleasure, please consider making a donation to his fund: every little will help, no matter how small.

Postscript: Roy died on March 5, two days after this article was published. Thank you to the small minority of readers who took the trouble to visit his fund-raising page.

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