Photographer of the Week: Charline Loewe

Charline Loewe, based in Rösrath, Germany, says she is interested in ‘people, emotions and small things’. She brings to her photography an eye for the odd and a flair for the edgily imaginative: not for nothing does she publish her work under the banner Strange Illusions.


She shoots both indoors at her own home and outside in the nature reserve that’s almost on her doorstep, which was the scene for her particular take on the story of Red Riding Hood, shot on the first day of November, 2012:


And that juxtaposition of fairytale with fetish defines something of the distinctive quality of her work. Sometimes she shoots with the astringency of fetish imagery:



And sometimes a softer, more humorous side emerges, with influences from the pinup genre. Take this example of car trouble:


What’s he going to do with her? Unfortunately, not quite what we would prefer:


Never mind, let’s try a pinup-style catfight featuring blonde Susanne Vargas (the model who was preparing that unusual Sunday roast) and raven-haired Sabine, in which there seem to be two alternative endings, some bondage and an improbable use for a plastic bottle:


In contrast, the shoot she did with models Obscuro and Jolie on August 18, 2010, was a starker affair.


And for Jolie, at least, it was not entirely painless, either:


If you are interested in Charline’s work, please visit the Strange Illusions website.

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