Photographer of the Week: Anthony Blandin

Anthony Blandin is a French professional photographer based at Dampierre in Franche Comté. He trained himself in art and technique by working on landscapes, which gave him an eye for light and natural structures. He then put this to work in his glorious portrait work…


and another kind of natural structure, some striking nudes:


He says he tries to create a universe that’s rich in visual detail, and the shoot that particularly interests us, from the spring of 2016, is an example of that – even though, like much of his best work, it was shot in black-and-white. Here’s the principal model, Nigthluna, in a photo shoot she did for somebody else:


For Anthony, she played the resident of a brothel between the First and Second World Wars.


And one of her clients seems to have either a fetish or a complaint:


I don’t think we have any complaints, though!

If you are interested in Anthony’s work, please visit his website.

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