Deeper into Danny

Time for another look at productions of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, John Patrick Shanley’s tale of salvation through banality. Our first stop is Milwaukee in 2009:


On to 2011:


At Richmond, Virginia, in 2012, Daniel Braunstein spanked Mary Maile:


And at Harvard the same year, Rose Hogan got spanked:


On to 2015 now, for a production by the Greenhouse Ensemble, New York, with Reanna Armellino as Roberta and Hazen Cuyler as Danny. One piquant thing about this is that these two actors also have the top jobs in the Greenhouse Ensemble theater company – so what you’re about to see is not just Danny spanking Roberta, but the artistic director spanking the managing director!

Here’s a production from April 2016 at the Actors’ Studio Drama School in New York, in which Stephanie Fagan is being spanked by Robert Montana:

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea 2016 ASDS_WeekC-0221

And finally for now, we leave American shores to see a production in Barcelona from July 2016. Danny is played by Oriol Gilbert alongside, in black panties as Roberta, the lovely Virginie Ribés:

Danny 2016 Barcelona

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