Photographer of the Week: Randy Allen

Amateur photographer Randy Allen, of Nanaimo, British Columbia, fondly remembers the pin-up calendars that used to hang on the walls of his uncle’s garages and workshops. Now, with Powder Puff Vixen Photography, he aims to continue that tradition. And he seems to be having some success.



The shoot that particularly catches our attention took place in 2011 and concerned three girls who got together for a slumber party. One was Lou la Massacre, whom we’ve previously met dishing out a spanking in front of Shimona Henry’s camera. The second girl, Chevvy Piston, has also shot for Shimona, as you can see here:


And finally, meet Danger Lynn.


Here she is with her husband:


It’s Danger who was in danger at the slumber party. Here she is, dressed for the shoot:


At first it looks as if Danger and Lou have ganged up on Chevvy:


But that’s not how things panned out. Danger wound up prone.


Who’s going to spank her? You, Lou?


No, it’s Chevvy’s prerogative!


To see more Powder Puff Vixens, please visit Randy’s website. And for more of his spanking photography, go here.

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