The Fille Files: The Moment of Truth

We’ve been exploring all the interesting little variations that occur in the Fille spanking sequence from performance to performance, as the net progressively closes on Lise. We’ve watched as her friends tempt her away from her chores and then, sometimes, try to protect her from the consequences. We’ve seen her futile efforts to escape, which only bring her ever closer to her doom. And now the moment has come: it’s time for Lise to be spanked!



The first thing Simone has to do is take her daughter across her knee, so that finally there can truly be no escape for the naughty girl. Since there’s just been a lot of business involving Lise trying to get away, it’s usual for this to be something the widow does by force majeure, but look at how it was handled in this 2010 dance school production from Chile:

Having chased Lise, then bodily carried her to the bench as she kicks her legs in futile resistance, Simone then sits down and just pats her own lap, effectively a command for Lise to lie down of her own accord. And it seems that Lise simply resigns herself to the inevitable, and puts herself into position.

The following year, at another dance school at Parana in Brazil, Simone again gives the order and Lise first does a defiant little twirl before her capitulation:

What this business establishes is that being spanked is a familiar domestic routine for Lise: it may be her mother’s last resort but it’s not so uncommon an event that she doesn’t know exactly how she is supposed to respond to the ‘get over my knee’ gesture. So this is a more habitually naughty Lise as well as one whose spirit of defiance is broken early and easily, before the spanking actually starts.

Some Simones require even more cooperation from Lise, thanks to the scenic department’s failure to supply a suitable place to sit:

Marná opatrnost2007-kazan

This can mean that Lise gets spanked in the SLB position, sometimes with her feet on the floor…


and sometimes, more spectacularly, not:

And occasionally the widow may opt for this even when she could just as easily sit down and turn Lise OTK:


And once the naughty girl is securely in position, the next thing to be done is the necessary clothing adjustment…


We have seen before how some productions make decorous concessions to Lise’s modesty by leaving her skirt down. Here’s a case in point from another Brazilian ballet school in 1995:

And sometimes only the skirt will be turned up, leaving Lise still covered up by layers of petticoats:


But sometimes Simone’s efforts to get all the petticoats out of the way becomes a big, busy part of the preparations.


And that brings us to something that’s an often major and always enjoyable variable in any raised-skirt spanking:


Lise is, it has to be said, fundamentally a nice girl even though she’s also a naughty one, so she usually wears nice-girl white panties, right back to Nadia Nerina in 1960, who established the convention that the character is costumed in soft shades rather than jewel colors. Sometimes the ‘panties’ will actually be the snug and sexy lower end of a dance leotard:

2015 Indiana Ballet Conservatory eve 08b2015 Indiana Ballet Conservatory mat 13

Often there are some decorative frilly ruffles, seen here adorning the rear end of Sarah London in 2012:


And at the Attitude Ballet School in Hungary in 2016, in a non-professional production that was uncommonly free with the seat of Lise’s panties, Szimonetta Bazar had a little splash of color there:


Lise has also been spanked, from time to time, on panties that were gray…

2012 Opera Wroclawska Poland spank 2

or pink:


And despite the ‘Nerina convention’, there have been some very colorful Lises, such as Aimi Hamman at Kansas Ballet in 2009:


There’s also some color-coordination in the outfit worn by this Greek Lise, even if she obviously wasn’t expecting anyone to see her bright blue panties:


Perhaps it’s even less expected to see this Lise in red from an Italian ballet school in 2014:

2014 Danzarte Quarona Deborah Pattaroni

But for the quintessential unexpected panty moment in a Fille spanking, we return to another Brazilian dance school, which staged the ballet in 2009. Four performances were given with two different dancers alternating as Lise. All four shows were documented by a photographer who, regrettably, used uncommonly aggressive watermarking. Here’s the first Lise getting her white frillies spanked:


But there was embarrassment in store for the other Lise when she first found herself face down across the widow’s lap. Up went her skirt… to reveal that she’d forgotten to put on the costume undies, and she was duly spanked on her own regular white panties!


And that explains why, when her turn came round again, Simone was initially reluctant to lift the careless dancer’s skirt:


She did so eventually, however… to reveal an altogether frillier bottom than the day before!


Naturalism or Artifice?

Most of the time, when Lise is over her mom’s knee, her position is the one we expect to see: feet in the air, her dismay as evident in the attitude of her body as in her face.


It’s quite rare to find Lise being spanked with her feet on the ground, though Laura Morera managed it in this 2012 Royal Ballet rehearsal:


But there is one very strange variant that crops up from time to time, in which the spanking is treated quite differently: instead of the usual naturalistic positioning, the characters are momentarily suspended in a tableau. Here’s an attempt in a 2013 ballet school performance:


She elevates her right leg to create a kind of OTK arabesque, an effect which will be clearer if we look at a performance where there’s no skirt to conceal Lise’s legs:


This is a style of presentation which doesn’t lend itself well to any actual spanking.

You can see the problem in this 2010 Italian ballet school performance, where Simone is visibly discomfited for a moment, but then gamely tries to get in a few smacks anyway:


And that means we’ve reached the central question for every staging of the Fille spanking scene:

To Spank or Not to Spank?

This scene is a climax in the strained relations between mother and daughter: all other attempts at discipline have proved ineffective, so a spanking it will have to be. Unlike everything Simone has tried before, this is going to be formal. It’s also going to be humiliating and painful, not least because it’s going to be done on the seat of Lise’s panties. And because it’s OTK, it has the potential to be quite extended: all the power is now with Simone, so Lise won’t be getting up until her mother’s good and finished with her. Except of course that the untimely arrival of Farmer Thomas and his idiot son means she has to break off early…

So the question is: how far does she get before she’s interrupted?

There’s no standard way of doing the scene. Sometimes the men arrive as the widow raises her hand for the first time, and Lise is saved at the last possible moment: no slap descends, and sometimes the spanking palm even morphs into a coquettish little wave to greet Thomas.


As noted, the ‘OTK Arabesque’ staging lends itself best to this option, because effectively everything freezes, rather than just the widow’s spanking hand. But not all Lises are so lucky: often Simone lands a slap or three before the interruption, and occasionally even more; Fiona Tonkin got five, and there were fully six in this 2013 production at a French ballet school.

Reasons to avoid any actual spanking no doubt include the understandable one that sometimes a ballerina just doesn’t want to be spanked (or her colleague is too much of a gentleman to spank her). One possible solution to that may be illustrated by this 2009 Brazilian production with Leticia Fraietta as Lise:

Lise does get spanked, albeit not on her panties, but Leticia doesn’t: there’s no actual contact with her bottom.

But another reason is that the spanking is a moment of potential chaos in an art form that is dedicated to complete precision and beauty of line. The very best Fille spankings feature glorious legwork as Lise kicks frantically, and for that the dancer needs not only not to be distracted by what’s happening to her just above the top of her legs, but also to be in a position of total stability. Let one of the great Lises of recent times, Angelina Vorontsova, show us how it’s done:

2014 Angelina v1 (5z)2014-angelina-v4-m

Her legs are going great guns at one end, but notice how she’s bracing herself at the other by keeping a tight grip on the bench. It’s an outstanding piece of work – and remember, not all Lises will be dancers of her calibre.

And the final problem is that, such are the vagaries of live performance, Simone and Lise can’t necessarily rely on Thomas and son making their entrance at the exact moment intended: even if the plan was to save Lise before the spanking had started, she might find herself having to be spanked simply because the other two dancers were a few seconds late getting onstage.

Our last example shows an inventive way round that issue in an Italian ballet school production of 2011, with Silvia Losignore as Lise:

This Simone (Adriana Laforgia) carries to comical excess the task of ‘preparing’ Lise, not only sweeping her skirt and petticoats meticulously out of the way, but then busily ‘smoothing’ the seat of her panties. In the story, she’s making absolutely sure that Lise is going to really feel the spanking she’s about to get, with the panties made as snug as a second skin. In reality, she’s making absolutely sure that her fellow dancer isn’t actually going to get it, not even the first slap: this production doesn’t rely on split-second timing from Thomas and Alain, because instead Simone uses business to fill up however much time passes before they reach, as it were, the nick of time. And though of course we’d much rather see Lise get spanked, it’s undeniably an amusing and effective solution!

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  1. maitrefesseur says:

    Wow, what a beautiful easter surprise of an article! Thoroughly researched, filled with great imagery and even greater links. It deserves a certain one handed round of applause….


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