Skirting the Issue

We recently observed that spanking on the panties, with the skirt raised, seems to be more frequent in Continental Europe than it is in North America or Britain. But we should not mistake a tendency for a rule. To make the point attractively, in 2009 the FEMEN girls in Ukraine mostly got this:


But sometimes they only got this:


If a naughty European girl is wearing a skirt when she is spanked, there is indeed a strong prospect that it will be lifted, but not always. And it’s easy enough to find other examples of non-raised skirts from all over the continent, and in many different spanking contexts.

For example, let’s call in at Poland to watch the music video for the Polish band Finsky’s 2011 song ‘Dostaniesz Klapsa’ (You’ll Get a Smack). It has a Santa Claus theme and features controversial actor-musician Krzysztof Skiba taking a naughty girl to ‘Klaponia’ – Spanking Land! Obviously when Santa Krzysztof arrives she’s tucked up in bed, and her nightie is sufficiently diaphanous that we have a clear view of her black panties (or, actually, leotard). But even so, the nightie stays down for the spanking.

Here’s a behind the scenes shot of the green-screen shooting:


And here’s the video itself, but not without an initial caveat: if your tastes are like mine, make sure you hit the stop button after Santa marks the job done in his naughty book.

And before we leave Poland, let’s branch out into social behavior and observe another Polish birthday spanking, to contrast with the one we saw last time:


Moving on, and sticking with folk custom, we pass through the Czech Republic, pausing only to look at a splendid Easter spanking from 2015:


From the theater, many a Kiss Me Kate spanking could be introduced in evidence, though recent European skirt-down examples are actually less common than you’d think. To represent Austria in this survey, here are three from productions staged in Vienna. First, a 2008 school play at the Franz Schubert Konservatorium:


Next, the Gloria Theater’s professional production of 2009, with Peter Färber and Maya Hakvoort:


And finally, the 2012 Volksoper production with Andreas Lichtenberger and Franziska Becker:


Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the Austrians are entirely averse to skirt-up stagings of Kiss Me Kate – stay tuned for an alternative approach!

For Germany, our example comes from the cinema: the 1962 belle epoque comedy, Das Schwarz-Weiss-Rote Himmelbett (The Black, White, and Red Four-Poster Bed, alluding to the colors of the German imperial flag). The film’s publicity was quite happy to capitalize on imagery of leading lady Daliah Lavi in her bloomers:


But no bloomers are in evidence when her character, the seductive actress Germaine, gets spanked by her sugar daddy Jules (Karl Schönböck):


In Denmark, the spanking gold standard is set by Dirch Passer with that remarkable pink-panty spanking he gave to Judy Gringer in Poeten og Lillemor og Lotte (1960).

08 Judy Gringer

But he was much more restrained when dealing with Ghita Nørby in Hvis Lille Pige er Du? (Whose Little Girl Are You?; 1963):


France will afford us two examples, one from the last century and one from this. First, a period piece from the humorous comic strip Rubrique a Brac, drawn by Marcel Gotlib (1934-2016), which ran from 1968 to 1974. This panel features an aristocratic lady from the Middle Ages who seems unimpressed by what she’s getting. Maybe he should have lifted her skirt first!


And more recently, a Parisian nightclub spanking from 2011:


Our final example stands for Spain, since it was shot there in 1969 by a Spanish director, Jess Franco. But it also stands for Europe (and beyond), since it was an Italian-language production made with money partly from West Germany, Lichtenstein and America, and the cast includes the Russian-Armenian Akim Tamiroff, who’ll be administering the spanking. The girl across his knee will be an American with a significant father, Romina Power (daughter of Tyrone):


And the movie is a dramatization of the best-known work of a famous, or indeed infamous French author: the Marquis de Sade’s Justine.

Romina Power plays the title character, who finds herself forced into service in the household of the elderly, unsavory Monsieur du Harpin (Tamiroff). After she rebuffs the amorous attentions of a paying guest, the old man explains that she’s supposed to sleep with him – and then relieve him of his valuables while he sleeps. She refuses, whereupon he puts her across his knee and spanks her. She’s wearing only a chemise, and of course the skirt stays down, but that doesn’t save the movie, set in the eighteenth-century, from committing a palpable anachronism.


She’s wearing obviously modern panties, complete with a pretty little cherry print!

Why? This is not a film that has any problem with nudity, from the moment when Justine first puts on the aforementioned chemise:


And it seems that minor lapses in period authenticity were also not a worry: as well as Romina’s panties, notice her bikini line in that last picture. So the spanking might have been administered on either Justine’s bare bottom or her panties, which would only have been slightly more obvious if the skirt had been raised. But for our purposes here the point is, of course, that it wasn’t.


All this may seem like, and indeed probably is, a unsystematic ramble through a series of random examples that don’t have much in common. The point of it is not to contradict what we observed before, the European propensity to panty-spanking, but to put it in a context. On different occasions and in different circumstances, Europe does it both ways: spanks naughty girls on their skirts and on their underwear. And that begs a question that we shall consider in the next part of this article

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