Photographer of the Week: Chuck Espinoza

Based in Los Angeles, Chuck Espinoza is a former financial analyst turned freelance photographer, whose work covers a broad range, from fashion…


to glamor…


to some glorious underwater work.


Nor is his work lacking a sense of humor:


He has been interested in photography since his early teens, but his vocation really took off after he stopped working for an investment bank in 2002. Three years after that, in June 2005, he did a shoot with burlesque dancer Szandora LaVey:


Szandora says she really loved her tutu outfit, but she may nevertheless have found cause to regret wearing it to this particular shoot, after meeting the unfortunately named Ugly Shyla:



For it meant that Szandora was self-prepared for what happened to her…


If you are interested in Chuck Espinoza’s work, please visit his website.

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