Photographer of the Week: Fredrik Skogkvist

Swedish art photographer Fredrik Skogkvist says his driving passion is his curiosity about the world and the people in it.


His objective is to take things as he finds them, accepting everything as it is, but that doesn’t make him just a documentarist.


On the contrary, he acknowledges the richness of the world and uses his lens to bring out the full diversity of its beauty and joy.



And the outcome is what is website calls ‘a kind of raw honesty’: ‘it’s like you’ve met the people he portrays before but can’t remember where.’


There might be other reasons why some people might think they already knew the lady in the shoot that interests us.


She’s Carolina Gynning, winner of the 2004 series of the Swedish Big Brother, and, whereas many others emerge from the house triumphant, rich, famous and talentless, Carolina went on to a successful media career as well as becoming a noted creator of designer jewelry. In 2009, Sweden’s Café magazine decided to run a feature on her in its April issue, and hired Fredrik Skogkvist to take the photos.


Of course, you know what’s coming. But it’s worth first taking a quick detour back in time to 2004, just after she’d won Big Brother, when she had a one-night stand with aspirant model Calum Best, son of British soccer legend George. In the course of the evening, he gave her a spanking. And, she told the tabloids afterwards, she discovered that she enjoyed it.

So there were no terrors for her in the shoot she did with Fredrik Skogkvist in February 2009!


You can tell just how relaxed she was about it in one of the alternative shots that didn’t make it into the magazine:


If you are interested in Fredrik Skogkvist’s photography, please visit his website.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Fredrik Skogkvist

  1. jimc says:

    Always enjoy otk photographs and this set really caught my eye. It does seem like some other fashion shoots with otk overtones. I think back to ThE SPY WHO LOVED ME with Barbara Bach and some of the others that followed. i Enjoy your finds and do try to see your site whenever i can. Thanks for all your research and all that you share i really enjoy all your otk finds that you share. Have a great day.


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