Photographer of the Week: Qumma


Qumma is the soubriquet of the Helsinki art photographer Rami Talja. His preferred subject matter includes a bit of fashion and a bit of dance, often using imaginative imagery that shows composition with a painter’s eye:


But he mainly shoots fetish, some of it juxtaposing beauty with gruesomeness.


His portfolio contains a lot of bondage, which is his particular pleasure, but there’s also a bit of spanking. The latter shows a clear learning curve as the poses and composition develop across the three known sessions. Here’s the earliest:


Here the girl being spanked keeps her feet on the floor simply because to do otherwise would risk a catastrophe: the spanker’s sitting on such a high chair that balance is an issue. That problem was fixed for the next shoot, which featured models Lorelai Blue…


… and Natte:


This was mainly a bondage shoot in which Natte spent a lot of time dangling by ropes from the ceiling of the dingy warehouse. But when she was down, it was time for Lorelai to show who was on top:


But better still:


But Qumma did even better than that in a 2016 shoot with burlesque dancer who works under the improbable name of Kiss Kiss Forbid’n:


Here she is meeting a male model who seems a little shy:


In the course of the shoot, she progressively lost her clothes.


And her fate was recorded in Qumma’s finest spanking shot to date:


If you are interested in Qumma’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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