Photographer of the Week: Tamie Acosta

Volatile Beauty Photography, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is Tamie Acosta’s firm. Her work often combines classic pin-up with dark, grotesque imagery that we can illustrate with a seasonal husband-and-wife shoot from December 2015. Looks like they’re putting up the decorations ready for the big day.


But the no-good husband seems to have his own ideas about what to hang on the tree.


Things don’t get any better for his poor wife.


And now the worst comes to the worst: a Christmas spanking on her bare bottom!


A Volatile Beauty model will often be very heavily made-up:


Maybe not always this heavily:


Don’t worry, it does wash off.


And Tamie seems especially drawn to one particular pose:


But often in a more extreme and unstable form:


So dedicated is Tamie to that shot that she has even been known to assume the position herself:


And of course, it was also how the unfortunate wife got her Christmas spanking!

Tamie did a more conventional spanking shoot a few months later, starring burlesque performer and tarot reader Victoria Rose…


… and Jenna Pye:



The setting was a Fifties salon, with Victoria as the client and Jenna as the beautician.


Unfortunately, the jiggle machine is out of order. There’s only one thing for it: Jenna will have to use manual methods!


And it seems Victoria isn’t too put out about getting a sting in the tail, if it also means getting an even shapelier tail!


If you are interested in Tamie’s work, please visit the Volatile Beauty website.

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