Lay Your Love On Me

Meet the Swedish electropop group BWO (formerly known as Bodies Without Organs), who were formed in 2004 and split up in 2010.


The two-men-one-girl lineup included, to the right, Alexander Bard, whom we have met before as part of Army of Lovers, and, to the left, Marina Schiptjenko. Have another look at her:


In 2008 they released the song ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ as the prospective Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. (They lost out to Charlotte Perelli.) The video, directed by Markus Johnson, shows the band taking a train journey – but the locomotive is also a toy train in a well-equipped playroom occupied by three squabbling children, who then progressively morph into the three band members. The crisis point comes with the arrival of Mom, and in case there’s any doubt about what’s going to happen, Mom appears to be a dominatrix…

But there’s a slight problem for us. When naughty adult children fight, they all get spanked, whereas we only particularly want to see that happen to one of the band members.


She even carries on singing whilst being spanked!


Here’s the video. I’ve timed it to cut in just before the start of the relevant section, but be warned: there is no way to see all of the F/F spanking without also witnessing some F/M.

Applause for the band, please, and especially Marina!

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