Photographer of the Week: Peter Gaudiano

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Peter Gaudiano likes to photograph people, and his portfolio includes some striking portraits of women.


Alternative and fetish styles are also in his repertoire, which was good news for us and for Kandi von Kane, but possibly not quite such good news for her fellow model Evil de Nets.

Here’s Kandi:


Here she is from another angle:


She’s also a burlesque performer, half of an act called the Rebelettes. And her partner, Swedish Siren, has been known to smack her bottom on stage.


You’d think she’d have made a wiser choice of panties, wouldn’t you?

Evil de Nets is a burlesquer too, as well as a roller derby girl.


I don’t actually think that Evil’s evil… but she’s obviously been naughty.


She doesn’t seem too happy with Kandi’s method of dealing with her. Looks as if Kandi will have to find some way to keep her quiet…


If you are interested in Peter’s work, please visit his website.

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