Mama Spanks Nana

One of the standards in the Greek pop repertoire is I Mana Mou Me Dernei, which translates roughly as ‘Mama Spanks’.

It’s about a young woman who is spanked by her mother when she comes home late. When she protests, mom says she’s being spanked out of maternal love. But as the song continues, it emerges that the lateness arose from a different kind of love: she was with her boyfriend, and lost track of time. How sweet!

Nikos Routsos composed the music and wrote the lyrics in the late 1940s, and it was recorded by the singer and left-wing activist Sotiria Bellou,

whose performance can he heard here.

Since then it has been often covered, notably by the internationally known Greek singer Glykeria.


Another cover version was recorded early in the career of an even better known songstress from Athens:

Nana Mouskouri!

At the time of the recording she hadn’t yet adopted her trademark spectacles, so naturally they didn’t feature in the advertising associated with the release – neither the photograph of young Nana nor the drawing showing her in the central situation of the song:

You can hear her version of ‘Mama Spanks’ here.

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