Photographer of the Week: Nicolas Guérin

An art photographer based in Saint-Denis, France, Nicolas Guérin divides his time between Cannes, Berlin and his studio in Ile-de-France, shooting portraiture and fashion for a wide range of magazines.

As well as nude girls, he draws inspiration from the classic cinema of yesteryear, so he often shoots in monochrome, or muted tones.

In fact, he says that his favorite color is gray, and this is reflected in the shoot that interests us, a fashion spread for a 2016 edition of Fifty 8 magazine. It also reflects his fascination with men sporting white beards: the male model, Jean, is headed in that direction.

But maybe we’d rather be introduced to the female model, Léa Joyce, even if it is courtesy of a different photographer.

And now for a closer look at the far end:

The shoot for Fifty8 took a business theme and was entitled ‘The Meeting’:

You might think that there’s no place for nudity in a fashion spread: the point’s to show off the clothes, right?


Clothes or not, it seems the meeting didn’t end all that well for Léa:

If you are interested in Nicolas Guérin’s work, please visit his website.

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