Photographer of the Week: Vincent DuPre

Manhattan-based Vincent DuPre is often a stylish fashion photographer, but the no less stylish work we’re looking at today, from 2014, was in the pinup genre and features three talented New York burlesque performers. Let’s meet them. Here’s Kita St Cyr:

Kita St Cyr

And Dany Lance:

Dany Lance

And finally, the girl they’re going to gang up on, Hazel Honeysuckle:

Hazel Honeysuckle a

Hazel has a distinguished track-record on the burlesque stage and in front of pinup cameras. This often puts her bottom at risk, such as here, it seems, in the hands of some rather ill-informed medical practitioners:

Hazel Honeysuckle stethoscopeHazel Honeysuckle injection

And here she is at the now defunct nightclub TRASH:

Hazel Honeysuckle whacked

Could that be why the seat of her panties appears to be wearing out?

Hazel Honeysuckle

Now it’s time for Hazel to get ready for Vincent’s camera.

Hazel Honeysuckle c

No, she doesn’t really have a prosthetic limb. It’s a sardonic photoshop addition after it turned out that she’d broken one of the cardinal rules of modeling: make sure the camera can see both your legs!

And since she broke the rules, she’ll have to be punished. Kita and Dany take charge:

Hazel Honeysuckle spanked by Kita St Cyr & Dany Lance photographer Vincent du Pre

Vincent DuPre doesn’t appear to have a website, so if you’re interested in his work… good luck finding more of it!

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