More Peril for the Silent Princess: Honza Malem Kralem On Stage

Honza Malem Kralem reaches its 40th anniversary this week, and to celebrate, we return to the subject of its theatrical offshoots. I said before that stage versions tend to be hard to track down, don’t always feature adult casts and even when they do, seldom get adequately documented. They may be great for those who are there, but afterwards, disappointingly, they’re lost and gone.

But belay that disappointment and enjoy the sight of what happened in 2013 at an open-air performance in the Czech village of Chlistovice:

Honza 2013 Chlistovice

Just like in the movie, the Princess has a little gravity-defying crown! Though one could wish that something else about the scene was just like in the movie…

That wish is granted! (Well, it is a fairytale, after all…) Fast forward to December 2016, when Ondrej Muhl played Honza in an amateur production staged in Trutnov. The spanking began like this:


But it continued like this:


Here’s some footage:

And a different performance of the same production.

New bloomers, please!

And now, in glorious YouTubevision:

So, a well-deserved spanking for the Princess, and quite an authentic and extended spanking it is too: fully 39 distinct and clearly audible slaps. And that makes it a well-deserved round of applause for the well-spanked actress afterwards.

Hurrah for Honza, on stage as well as screen!

2 thoughts on “More Peril for the Silent Princess: Honza Malem Kralem On Stage

  1. maitrefesseur says:

    Very nicely done, Harry. The article was an enjoyable, worthwhile read, even if one knew the clips before. LOVED the stills. Thanks a lot!


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