Spank the (Rock’n’Roll) Princess

In 2016, the French rockabilly group known as the Tony Marlow Trio released a single, Rock’n’Roll Princess. The B-side was entitled Spank – which happens to be the only word uttered during what is a largely instrumental number. So obviously, from a spanking point of view, its interest is marginal, but you can listen to it here if you wish.

Somewhat less marginal was the disc’s packaging, created by the Parisian photographer Eric Martin. His basic concept for the front cover, representing the A-side, was ‘sexy bad girls’. And if he was going to have bad girls on the front, the question of what to put on the back was surely a no-brainer…

Martin decided to use a group of pin-up models he’d recently worked with on a book of witty photographs. The fact that they were available to shoot in Paris that month may have helped to recommend them to him. The fact that they were willing to pose in sexy lingerie was also a definite plus. But what made it another no-brainer was the fact that, quite coincidentally, they called themselves the Rock’n’Roll Princesses – almost the same as the Tony Martin Trio’s song title.

Here they are being sexy bad girls:

But of course what you want to see is what happened to them in consequence…

Several different shots were taken, involving several different Princesses bending over for the back cover. Here’s July Herrewyn’s bottom in immediate danger from Chloe le Gal, while Stephanie Fany is poised to take over if needs be:

And here the tables are turned, with July whacking Stephanie:

Simple fairness should have required Chloe to take her turn upended over the drum, but if she did, the picture has not come to light, and in the end it was Stephanie’s back end that backed up the disc on its Spank side:

Tony Marlow Trio

Perhaps an enlargement might be appreciated:

And if you like, you can see even more of the Rock’n’Roll Princesses here.

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