Photographer of the Week: Joshuva

‘Every photo assignment is a quest,’ says Joshuva, a photographer based in Washington, DC. ‘Pick a mission you care about, pack the right gear, assemble a killer team, and bring the “A” game. Plan well. Experiment. Debrief. Never repeat.’

For an outdoor mission undertaken on October 12, 2008, Joshuva’s killer team consisted of the models Beatrix King

and Juicy Carolina:

As you can see, Juicy’s a photographer herself (you’ll find some of her work here). To be precise, she’s a self-styled ‘modelographer’, with a strong line in self-portraits, and a definite appreciation of the sensual appeal of the female bottom:

On the day of the shoot, Juicy was in trouble:

And when Beatrix caught up with her…

If you are interested in Joshuva’s work, there’s more of it to be seen here.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Joshuva

  1. jimc says:

    Really enjoy the outdoorspanking and using a log as a chair allowed her to be stretched out and i really enjoyed her expressions and the bottom. While i may applaud the photographer and models here i do wonder if i went to the site and say how much i appreciated their spanking works would they be so welcoming of my praise. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


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