Kiss Me Kate: 2010 (Continued)

Resuming our trip through the Kiss Me Kate productions of 2010, we begin on May Day, when the musical opened at a high school in California, and played for a full week. Lilli’s inevitable fate was:

Afterwards, it seems she found it necessary to rub the affected area a little more directly than most Lillis do:

Of course, that picture was taken at the last performance, on May 7, so her daily spankings may have had a cumulative effect!

Still in California, and still on May 7, Christian Pursell and Brenna Sammon opened at the Louden Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz, for a ten-day run:

Meanwhile, in Bracknell, England, the East Berkshire Operatic Society production ran May 11-15:

On to June, and in the production by Iowa’s Judge Story Theatrical Troupe Lilli was spanked on her bloomers:

And what’s more, she was spanked hard, as the video soundtrack makes clear! (Luckily for the actress, it’s really offstage sound effects…)

(In case you’re wondering, the production was assigned to the wrong year by the person who uploaded the video.)

It seems the summer brought a flurry of skirt-raising, because look what happened at Thief River Falls Area Community Theater, for eleven days from June 16:

And in Tulsa, at the Oklahoma Light Opera, Christina Hager found herself in an exposed position over Ron Loyd’s knee:

06 KMK 2010

That takes us into July, a month which saw a major production by the National Theater of Korea, seen here in rehearsal:

Unusually, the star casting was deployed for the role of Lois/Bianca rather than the two leading characters, and much of the media interest followed. And it’s true that the pop star Ivy is not devoid of charms:

But there was also some effort to push another aspect of the show for publicity purposes.

Here’s a promo video showing Nam Kyung-joo (Fred) and Choi Jung-won (Lilli), which reveals that, unusually for a photocall, they did more than just pose for the spanking shot:

She needed to get used to it: the production opened on July 9 and ran for five weeks, closing on August 14.

July also saw a youth production at North Fork Community Theatre, New York.

And on the other side of the USA, Kiss Me Kate opened at the Inland Valley Repertory Theatre, Claremont, California, on July 28, and ran till August 11. For Dirk Rogers and Ali England, that meant quite a lot of this:

No sooner had the musical closed in California than it opened again in Michigan, where the troupe Teenage Musicals produced it in the town of Midland, August 12-14, starring two young but not teenage performers as Fred and Lilli.

And down under in Queensland, Australia, the Bundaberg Players production ran from August 27 to September 11:

Next stop Spain, where the Filagarsa Theater Group premiered a touring production on September 18, starring Montse Lopez and Roma Ferruz:

This was an especially long-running show, continuing till the following spring, so let’s hope Roma’s pink bloomers were built to last!

The production at Güssing, Austria, was more of a mayfly.

Ramona Tomisser got her first public spanking from Florian Resetarits on September 24, and three days later it was all over. One thing the video helps to make clear is that it was a bloomers spanking:

The production also featured a specially shot photo of the spanking scene, differently posed and with Lilli’s skirt down:

Whereas in Canada, Lethbridge Musical Theatre chose something a lot less novel to advertise their November production:

Back to Australia now for a production by the Port Macquarie Players that ran November 5-28. They shot their own spanking publicity photos, and in the first, blurry one Amanda Warren looks uncertain whether will enjoy what she’s about to get from Cameron Marshall.

And now she knows she won’t:

Next up is an amateur production from Germany which featured a nice bloomers spanking:


But the Fred probably had an even better time in rehearsal!

Rehearsal 1

The Lilli has taken the precaution of wearing thick black pantyhose, but even so…

Rehearsal 2

More publicity now from the Conejo Players of Thousand Oaks, California, whose production ran from November 11 to December 12. And for the photocall, Rachael Pugh’s place was across Darrin Ingram’s lap:

December brought us this unidentified production:

And there’s one last bloomers spanking to be glimpsed, in a production that opened in Bottighofen, Switzerland, on December 20, and starred Robbie Vondeling as Fred and Christine Böhni as an uncommonly aggressive Lilli who, we are told, thoroughly deserved all she got.

2010 zentrumbuhne Bottighofen Konstanz

And with that, we draw the final curtain on the year 2010, and look forward to many more years of Kiss Me Kate spankings yet to come.

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