Smack Popo

Meet the Brazilian singer Valesca Popozuda.

Well, actually, meet Valesca Reis Santos. Valesca Popozuda is her stage name. It means ‘Valesca Big-Bottom’.

I’m not being ungallant: it’s something she capitalizes on.

Its value can be expressed precisely: it’s insured for five million Brazilian reals. But that doesn’t mean she objects to a little manhandling from time to time.

In fact, the smacking of the Popozuda popo seems to be a not uncommon event. In 2012, when she appeared with the singer and politician Gilberto Gil on the television show Esquenta (in English, Hot), guess which part of her he helped to heat up:

The presenter of the show promptly tweeted the picture at Gil’s wife. And that may explain why his daughter, the singer Preta Gil, had something for Valesca when they met later that year:

Does anyone else want to smack Valesca’s big bottom? Yes, event promoter and television personality David Brazil does. In 2014, he paid her a backstage visit:

Now, bottom-smacking is all very welcome, of course, but will we ever see Valesca horizontal?

OK, very nice, but not quite what I had in mind. But we get a little closer to that if we call in on the 2014 comedy show Tudo pela Audiencia (meaning Everything for the Audience), which is presented by Fabio Porchat and Tata Werneck, seen here:

That’s not an entirely gratuitous picture of Tata, given that in one edition Fabio did this to her:

And when Valesca appeared on the show, the pair of them conspired to do something similar to her:

If you are interested in Valesca’s music as well as her popozuda, please visit her Youtube channel.

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