Photographer of the Week: Carmen de Vos

Dutch photographer Carmen de Vos describes her work as ‘slow’.

She photographs her ‘odd stories’ using resolutely old-school technology: Polaroid cameras and out-of-date film, with filters she made herself to give the results a bleached-out, defocussed impression.

As she puts it herself, albeit in the third person:

She’s not in control. She fights the material. She plans, stages and directs but the decayed chemistry and off-focus lenses add their magic. All by themselves. Which merrily surprises her. Or ruins her image. This battle attracts her as much as it frustrates her. She loves to create within these limitations, to try to produce the best possible image within the narrow circumstances given. Luckily, she’s a sucker for imperfections.

The results have a time-capsule quality, as if they are amateur pictures that have turned up in some forgotten attic decades after they were taken.

And those very imperfections embody what she wants to hang onto as an artist: ‘real human contact, the slowness of being and creating, the tangibility of materials’.

Fetish subjects have been known to find their way through her lens:

And here’s an encounter with lingerie designer Murielle Victorine Scherre, who has found a novel way to show off her product:

If you are interested in Carmen de Vos’ work, please visit her website.

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