A Little Backstage Spanking

Last year, the Indigo theater company in the Czech city of Most faced a minor casting problem. They were planning a production of Neil LaBute’s 2004 play Fat Pig, about the romantic difficulties faced by a plus-sized woman. And to play Helen, the leading character, the ideal actress in the company was Jana Trojanova.

The casting problem? She’s not fat!


No, really, look at her on stage. She just isn’t fat:


But here she is in the Indigo production of Fat Pig, looking every inch the part:


Her flab problem was solved, not by a crash course in overeating, but by the time-honored theatrical device known as a ‘fat suit’. Everyone in the company was fascinated by the unprecedented scale of her rear end, and her fellow actor Petr Mikeska was even inspired to give her a playful spanking:


Which meant that, from Jana’s point of view, there was one advantage to wearing a fat suit…

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