Photographer of the Week: Jonathon LeDeux

Jonathon LeDeux, from San Leandro, California, originally worked as a painter and model, and spent some time in England in those capacities. The logical next step, he decided, was to be a photographer.


Was it really logical? Maybe not, because he suffers from impaired vision. But in practice, what that means is that, as an art photographer, he sees light in an unusual way.


One distinctive, recurring feature of his work is the juxtaposition of imagery with text, which modifies the overall impact of the piece:


His muse, he says, is a model named Shelly:


But of more immediate interest to us is one named Imani Rose, seen here with male model Buffalo Head, who is also not irrelevant:


Here she is in costume for the shoot in question:


And with Buffalo Head:


And the outcome was…


If you are interested in Jonathon LeDeux’ work, please visit his online portfolio.

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