No Bottoms Were Harmed in the Making of These Pictures

The Ice-Bucket Challenge and the Mannequin Challenge are the most famous examples of the social media phenomenon in which people are challenged to do bizarre things and then post pictures and videos showing themselves in action (or, in the case of the Mannequin Challenge, inaction). In the spring of 2017, the French thought up a new one: the Fessée Challenge!

The objective was to get together with a friend and be photographed in a position that looks as if you are giving her ‘the hardest spanking in the world’. Though the organizers do make it clear that it’s all in fun and they’re not encouraging anyone to commit any actual bodily assault!

The response was relatively lukewarm, and largely confined to France. And for purists, not much actual spanking resulted, but there were a number of inventive bottom-smacking poses, like this quadruple-decker:

The prize for diligence and stamina goes to this one:

Come on, world: take the Fessée Challenge!

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