Shrew Survey: Another Ballet, Perhaps

On November 3, another ballet version of The Taming of the Shrew, this one choreographed by Robert Balogh to music by Edward Elgar, premiered at Olomouc in the Czech Republic. As is common in professional ballet, the leading roles were split across the run, so Kate was danced sometimes by Yui Kyotani, with Ivo Jambor as her Petruchio,

and sometimes by Emily-Joy Smith, alongside Paul Oliver:

What can be seen of the ballet online shows that it contains, as might be expected, a lot of rough-and-tumble between the lovers. Here’s Emily at work:

And here are Yui and Ivo:

shrew ballet 2017 Yui Kyotani & Ivo Jambor Moravia choreographed by Robert Balogh poster a

But it’s the advertising that most catches our attention – though, as always with theatrical publicity, you have to remember that what you’re seeing is an image selected to epitomize and symbolize the show, not necessarily a literal representation of anything that happens in it. What the ballet company’s publicists opted for, and what photographer David Prosvic shot, was imagery that’s typically associated with Shrew, so the poster featuring Ivo and Yui looked like this:

Something different was needed for Paul and Emily. Bad luck, Emily! Here they are with Robert Balogh at the poster shoot:

And the outcome was:

Applause, please, for Paul, and especially Emily!

2 thoughts on “Shrew Survey: Another Ballet, Perhaps

  1. Emily-Joy Smith says:

    We really enjoyed reading this article 😂 we must admit the poster has turned a few heads in the Czech Republic….. it’s a very fun ballet to perform and we must confirm that actually our poster image doesn’t represent any of the steps we do in the choreography…. ivo and yui’s posters actually is more correct… Paul and myself’s poster is more just for the image…. thank goodness, although I do actually slap him in the performance!
    Paul and Emily


    • Harry says:

      Thank you for your comment, for the information and most of all for your work. I’m not based in the Czech Republic but I hope that one day I shall have the opportunity to see you dance.


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