Photographer of the Week: Alexey Trifonov

Moscow-based Alexey Trifonov says he tries to see more with his camera than he can with his eyes.

Here’s something his camera saw:

But sometimes, his camera sees more than… his camera!

His portfolio includes some striking nature photography, but what’s most relevant here is his eye for the natural curves of the female form.

Sometimes covered…

But frequently uncovered…

And occasionally somewhere in between:

Sometimes prone:

But often upright:

That last bare bottom belongs to model Yulya Liepa. Here she is in green, doing a little sauna smacking.

But Stefania Iodkovskaya, in orange, thinks turnabout is fair play.

For fullscale spanking, we turn to a shoot he did on September 29, 2017, with Marta Mayer…

and Dasha Mart.

Marta’s the one sitting down, and Dasha’s the one who soon won’t be able to:

To see more of Alexey’s photography, please visit his Instagram account.

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