Dolly Spankers

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she is still young enough to be playing with dolls, but has grown old enough to be developing other interests. And that means her dolls may find themselves assuming some unexpected positions.

And why not? Baby dolls may be a way of encouraging the development of maternal instincts, but Barbie dolls and their ilk give girls a way of processing ‘adult’ situations before they have to encounter those situations in real life. So we shouldn’t be surprised that some dolls help their owners to find their way through complex adolescent feelings about sexuality, not always of a conventional kind.

Of course, manufacturers of dolls don’t tend to see it that way: to some extent they’re bound to be in thrall to widespread societal and parental ideas about daughterly innocence and chastity, not least because nine times out of ten it’s mom and dad who actually buy the product, even though it’s daughter dear who’ll be playing with it. And that means toy dolls are never anatomically authentic, and some even have moulded-on panties to prevent the wrong sort of exploration.

Nowadays it’s more common, however, for dolly panties, if present, to be tiny cloth garments,

which can be pulled down when necessary.

Others opt for complete nudity, even though it means you can see the join, and the joints.

Some doll spankings evoke the fantasies of the childhood that is being left behind. Here’s what happened to Cinderella when she got home late and found her fairytale coach changed back into a pumpkin:

And here’s the elf on the shelf, Santa’s agent monitoring good behavior in the run-up to Christmas:

But as that last elf shows, doll-spanking isn’t always a juvenile matter: some images consciously juxtapose innocence with experience.

In other words, these pictures are mainly the work of adults finding a wry new use for the playthings of childhood.

For the really devoted doll enthusiast, the obvious adult career is as a window dresser working with mannequins.

One such person even seems to have found employment in the world of the television sitcom:

But for many adult aficionados, dolls now have a different name: action figures, which give fans the chance to act our their own adventures using identifiable characters from various popular franchises, like a kind of vicarious cosplay. Not unnaturally, some of them opt to create a type of scene that almost never happens in the series itself.

Princess Leia is perhaps almost universally recognizable. The individual girl companions in Doctor Who may be less so, which means that introductions may be in order. Here’s Leela, played by Louise Jameson, the savage companion to Tom Baker’s Doctor:

And here she is embodied by an action figure:

In the modern series, no companion has launched more fevered fantasies than Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond:

The Doctor threatens to put Pond across his knee (we wish)

Here she is as an action figure, created in the Japanese Manga style, having an unwelcome encounter with Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Doctor:

But in the world of action figures, as in that of cosplay, there’s one iconic character who’s hard to beat, and easy to spank:

Harley Quinn – spanked again!

One thought on “Dolly Spankers

  1. jimc says:

    I have always enjoyed doll spanking. I remember my neighbors spanking their dolls when i was young. I come from a family of boys so we never had the girl dolls ourselves, but i would take any oppurtunity with the dolls that my daughter had or my neices dolls. I enjoy you use of elf on the shelf as a spanker as well. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


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