Photographers of Previous Weeks

A photographer who has taken one spanking photograph may well return to the theme, and that’s our cue to return to them! In other words, let’s take a look at some more work from those who have hitherto featured as Photographer of the Week…

Don Cross showed us what Marisa Ashley did to Bunny Westpalm,

and what Bunny did to Marisa in return:

And here’s a little more bunny-related action from Don’s camera, as Lilith Ann gets her bottom smacked by Sushii Xhyvette:

Spyridon Kakouris did a military themed photoshoot with Domina Lola and Joanna David, which produced a marginally interesting still…

and quite a nice behind the scenes video, with behind as the operative word:

Maybe that’s technically not a spanking shoot. And the next one, from the stylish world of Alexandre de Venderets, is technically faux-TK rather than OTK:

If only actual spanking photography will do, at least you can rely on a Bettie Page shoot. Scott Saw of Vixen Photography did one for Bettie fan Karah Banegas and her blonde friend Valerie, in which the spankings went both ways, in every sense:

Finally, here are Deborah Hübner and Dennis Marx, posing for the outstanding German pinup photographer Miss Giggles:


The shoot turned out well for Dennis. For Deborah, maybe not so well…


And as for us, well, you really can’t get much better than that!

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