The Return of Janika

When we last encountered Janika, Istvan Bekeffi’s 1946 comedy about a middle-aged woman who wins back her estranged husband by posing as his long-lost and entirely imaginary teenage son, I observed that the play appeared to be revived at roughly five-year intervals. There was a major production in 2012, with Kriszta Biro in the lead:

And lo and behold, 2017 saw the play springing up all over Hungary! Here’s the production at the Szigligeti Theater in Szolnok, starring Marcella Kertesz, here being spanked by Botond Barabasz:

Botond’s ‘bongo drum’ spanking style won’t be to all tastes, but at least there’s a nice end:

At the Pannon Castle Theater in Veszprem, Livia Pap took the lead. Here she is in both her identities:

She really threw herself into the business of being spanked by Laszlo Keresztesi:

Finally, at the Ida Turay Theater in Budapest, here’s Livia German’s Janika making mischief:

And here she is paying for it over Kristof Kurko’s knee:

Applause, please, for all those brave Janikas!

And for the next update on the play, go here.

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