Glamor Horror

Alejandra Oviedo of Bogota, Colombia, is a cartoonist who works under the name of Ruttu and describes herself as a ‘glamor ghoul’. To prove it, here she is wearing some of her own work:

Hmmm, a bit more glamor than ghoul, I’d say.

Taking her inspiration from vintage popular culture of the middle of the last century, Ruttu draws in a distinctive, confidently curvy style:

A Fifties glamor girl will often end up either giving or getting a good spanking, and the art of Ruttu is no exception:

Horror movies are especially close to Ruttu’s heart – that’s where the ‘ghoul’ comes in!

What goes for a Fifties glamor girl is equally true for a glamor ghoul.

If Dracula doesn’t get her, there’s always his boss:

And if she’s really unlucky, he may decide to take her home with him!

If you are interested in Ruttu’s work, you can view more of her wares in her online shop.

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