Nemesis for Miley

Miley Cyrus has been a great disappointment to many people over the years. A hostile press has criticized her style, her music, her twerking – the last of which has been described as Miley almost literally asking for a good spanking.

And Miley plays up to this, in her act and in her publicity: she ‘spanks’ and she gets ‘spanked’. Here she is with a statuesque backing singer:

The other, smaller backing singer got to turn the tables:

Here she is in a Christmas show with burlesque dancer Amazon Ashley:

And with one of her reindeer dancers:

And Santa:

In one notorious 2014 show, she wore a grotesque fake bottom and was whacked by a dancer with the Mexican flag…

… which didn’t go down well with the Mexican authorities, who announced they were going to prosecute her for dishonoring their flag.

Miley is unabashed. She has also had a crack at fellow pop stars like Australian singer Sophie Monk,

and even Madonna:

‘I SPANKED Madonna (hard) and she liked it,’ tweeted Miley afterwards. And there’s the problem: poor vocabulary choices, Miley. To make it absolutely clear, this is what Madonna being spanked looks like:

Madonna in Sydney

All you were doing, Miley, was smacking her bottom. That’s all you’ve ever been doing with all this so-called ‘spanking’. But don’t worry, Miley, we’re not angry, just disappointed. So disappointed, in fact, that you’re going to have to be taught a lesson:

A punishment – or a demonstration? Either way, Miley, you’re going to find out what a spanking’s really like:

Do try and incorporate more of it into your act, won’t you?

It was actually part of an Easter photoshoot for Vogue magazine by the fashion photographer Vijat Mohindra. Here’s the associated video:

Applause for him and Miley, not least from the Easter Bunny – long and hard!

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