Hody Hody Doprovody

Every Easter, the Prague-based company Theater ‘M’ puts on a seasonal revue, a family show full of songs and sketches and stories about the various Easter traditions and superstitions of the Czech Republic. It’s written by Milan Petrovsky, who co-founded the company back in 1994 with his wife, Marie Petrovska; she does the costumes, and both of them also appear in the shows.

And when you consider that the title of this particular show is Hody Hody Doprovody, the first line of the Czech pomlazka rhyme, it’s obvious that there’s one Easter tradition that just can’t be left out!

Hody Hody Doprovody has been running for years, with a changing cast, but the pictures we have are from the 2014 production, featuring Vendula Mikulova bending over in the yellow skirt.

One wonders whether Marie Martinova, in red, might have just had the same treatment!

Someone who did get nearly the same treatment was Marie Petrovska. But her husband took the opportunity to show off some of her fine work in the wardrobe department:

And it seems the lovely Vendula was not to be outdone:

Applause, please, for Theater ‘M’!

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