Kiss Me Kate: 2008

A spectacular year for Kiss Me Kate, 2008 began in Kansas, where the City Theatre of Independence mounted a production that played January 17-27 and left many photographic riches behind it. The role of Lilli was taken by Marcie Ramirez:

And here’s Brad Wright, who plays Fred, taking advantage of his opportunities:

32a 2008 Independence City Theatre

And those opportunities were many, even though the run was only a week and a half. One of their early tasks was to pose for the obligatory publicity photograph:

32b KMK Independence publicity

This duly featured in the advertising and program cover:

Marcie was spanked in rehearsals:

33 2008 KMK Independence rehearsal34 2008 Independence rehearsal35 KMK 2008 Independence rehearsal36 KMK 2008 Independence rehearsal

She was spanked in dress rehearsals:

37 2008 Independence City Theatre38 2008 Independence City Theatre39 2008 Independence City Theatre40 2008 Independence City Theatre41 2008 Independence City Theatre42 2008 Independence City Theatre

And needless to say, she was spanked in performance:

Over in Germany, the Kolping Musiktheater in the town of Schwabish Gmund played the musical for seven performances between January 25 and February 3. Fawn Arnold was Lilli, and Claus Biechele opted to spank her OTS rather than OTK:

This does not appear to have proved any less effective:

In England, Wellingborough Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society weighed in from February 26 to March 8:

February 27 to March 15 saw a school production at the Franz Schubert Konservatorium in Vienna:


But the theme of the year kicks in at the Show Palace Dinner Theatre, Tampa Bay, where KMK opened on February 29 and ran until April 13. For 2008 was, to date, the apogee of raised-skirt Kiss Me Kate spanking in the musical’s stage history. Doing the honors is W. C. Green, and wearing the bloomers is Jan Leigh Herndon:

That doesn’t mean skirts were always raised in 2008, just as we don’t always find KMK spanking photos that are so excellently posed. Over in England, East Surrey Operatic Society staged the musical, with Lee Power and Jane Hogg:

Also early that spring, from February 29 through April 5, Cat Chiappa gave her Lilli for the Colonial Players of Annapolis, Maryland, and was spanked by Matt Garcia:

Back in England, the Trinity Amateur Operatic Society production, which ran in Congleton from March 10 to 15, featured Nigel Evans and Hannah Bours in this publicity spanking:

04 2008 Congleton

Where are you least likely to find a raised-skirt KMK spanking? Probably in a high school production. Unless of course it’s this high school in New York, where the musical ran March 13-16:

In Randolph, New Jersey, we find Jill Cappucino showing off her fetching pink bloomers:

Now she gets the seat of them spanked by Andrew Lorenzo:

Bloomers Pink

The production ran at the County College of Morris from April 2-5. And the very next day, April 6, Kiss Me Kate opened again in Connecticut. This high school production managed to drop the curtain directly onto the spanking, leaving Lilli’s fluttering legs still visible to the audience:

Also in early April, at a community college in New York:

Meanwhile, in Missouri:

Still in April (and opening on the 15th), Keith Parish spanked Mandy Goddard for England’s Studley Operatic Society:

On April 18, Forest Grove, Oregon’s Theatre in the Grove company commenced three weeks of singing and spanking:

Do you think she’ll make it to closing night on May 11?

The Sainsbury Singers of Reading, England, staged their production April 22-26, starring Rob Latimer and Emma Reeves

And April 25-26 saw the following wonderful spectacle at a high school in Ohio:

Here’s a shot of an uncommonly vigorous rehearsal at a Michigan high school which staged the musical from April 25 to May 3:

Another high school, another state (Maryland, to be precise), but the exact same show dates, saw this unusual staging of the spanking scene:

07 2008 Magruder08 2008 Magruder09 2008 Magruder

The same Lilli also found herself over a table…

10 2008 Magruder11 2008 Magruder

and being whacked with the business end of a broom:

12 2008 Magruder 113 2008 Magruder 2

The next high school show, in Virginia, was double cast for the four performances from April 30 to May 3. Here’s the opening night cast:

But later:

Still in April, at a grammar school in Lancashire, England:

Also in the spring, here’s Katie Miller being spanked in a production at Boulder, Colorado, by the Boulder Broadway Company:

Back to school now, this time in Delaware, as we enter May. The first three days of the month featured this raised-skirt spanking, only this time with added petticoats, and lots of them:

Down under, the Park Players of Ringwood, Victoria, staged three performances from May 16 to 18. Zak Brown was Fred, Liz Matjacic was Lilli, and neither of them are seen in the poster’s representation of the spanking scene:

(It’s Bill Johnson and Patricia Morison in the original London production of 1951, a picture the designer must have found on the internet.)

In a production opening on May 23 at Theater Krefeld in Germany, Christoph Erpenbeck has a smack for Isabelle Razawi’s bottom:

In May, there opened a major, long-running production at the Berlin Comic Opera, with Roger Smeets as Fred and Dagmar Manzel as Lilli. (Peter Brding later took over as Fred.)

In a production which showed many of the excesses of modern German theater, this was not the most convincing rendering of the scene, since Lilli stayed on her feet throughout and shuffled round in a circle as she was spanked.

June 11-29 were the show dates at Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre in Pennsylvania, with Ed Bara and Sarah Primmer. This was another of those pusillanimous skirt-raisings where the spanking gets administered on an underskirt – but on the bright side, at least it is a skirt-raising!

From June to August, Kiss Me Kate was staged at the Summer Repertory Theatre, Santa Rosa, California. Here’s a glimpse of what Allison Rich has to offer as Lilli:

And here’s a glimpse of her being spanked on those tight, bright, white shorts:

Yes, the guy in the foreground is frustrating, but bear in mind that he’s only doing his job: with no curtain to bring down as scripted (by the Spewacks), the actors in Fred Graham’s Shrew company had to improvise their ’emergency measures’ to stop the audience seeing the whole of that indecorous and (by Shakespeare) unscripted spanking!

Come back next time for some even more spectacular Kiss Me Kate spanking from 2008!

2 thoughts on “Kiss Me Kate: 2008

  1. jimc says:

    always great to see all the KMK and the different years to see some great otk shots and some new productions. Thank you for sharing and have a great day.


  2. sweetspot444 says:

    2008 obviously a spectacular year for KMK productions represented here by an equally spectacular collection of images! Your work is so consistently outstanding you leave little to say for a commenter except WOW!


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