No Pants Subway Ride: The Best of 2018


Another year, another No Pants Subway Ride… and another survey of prime panties and best bottoms!

Forgotten something?

Are you absolutely sure?

Because, you know, there are photographers out.

They’re looking for something beautiful to photograph.

It could be you…

Oh… it is you – taking the pictures, I mean!

Not everyone wants to be quite so exposed on the No Pants Subway Ride, so choose your panties judiciously.

And you can always rely on the old maxim: there’s safety in numbers.

Now let’s follow an especially lovely group on their momentous pantsless ride through London. Make sure you have your ticket ready.

Await the train.

Here it comes.

Don’t be shy, now: board the train.

Ride the train.

Leave the train and exit the station.

You have completed your No Pants Subway Ride, and the whole world has admired your panties.

But there’s one little thing to beware. This annual event always takes place with the tacit assent of the subway authorities. But what happens if their employees don’t know that?

Bad girl! Next time, don’t forget your pants!

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