Photographer of the Week: Josh Gosfield


Award-winning Josh Gosfield, originally from Philadelphia but based in New York, was for ten years the art director of New York Magazine. He combines photography with other forms of graphics to create work that’s sometimes goofy, sometimes surreal…

always beautifully colorful, vibrant even in serenity…

and often unexpected.

Yes, that one is the right way up – remember there’s no gravity in space, and so no true up or down!

Gosfield often responds imaginatively to the transcendent sense of style embodied in the icons and artefacts of the 1960s, and tries to recreate some of that sublimity in his own work.

One of his major projects since 2009 has been the systematic documentation and celebration of the life and career of the iconic French pop singer of the Sixties, Gigi Gaston,

including album covers,

magazine covers,

and even a cute ‘Dress Gigi’ cut-out paper doll in bra and panties.

They are all the creations of Josh Gosfield, including the wholly imaginary Gigi Gaston herself! (She’s obviously named after the two central characters in the 1958 musical Gigi, starring Louis Jourdan and Leslie Caron, who is – incidentally – threatened with a spanking at one point.) You can see the entire glorious archive here.

Another joyous ongoing encounter with pop culture is his work with the New York burlesque troupe, the Peach Tartes.

Here they are onstage:

And here they are assembled for a Gosfield shoot at a party on October 10, 2011.

One girl to watch is the blonde, whose stage name is Veruca Honeyscotch.

Burlesque girls will get up to mischief.

But mischief will be managed – with the back of a hairbrush, if necessary!

If you are interested in Josh Gosfield’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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