Kiss Me Kate: 1998

Kiss Me Kate‘s 1998 was mainly divided between amateur dramatics in England and school theater in the US. As an example of the former, here’s the production by the Broxbourne Theatre Company:

Many American high schools staged the musical in the spring. Well, don’t they always? Our first example is from Lakeside School in Seattle, where Edward Wenger spanked Katie Chapman:

But there was also one professional production, which ran from April 17 through May 24. It was at Stage Right Dinner Theatre in Wood Dale, Illinois. Here are Scott Cooper and Melonie Collmann in the leading roles:

And here’s an ad for the show using a well-worn graphic:

And after that digression, back to school. To Sacred Heart High School in Vineland, New Jersey, to be precise, where KMK ran for two performances, April 25-26. And, for Nicole DiGaetano, that may have been more than enough, if we can judge by her reaction to what James Brooks is doing to her here:

03 KMK 1998 Sacred Heart High School

In England, Stafford Amateur Operatic Society offered the musical from April 28 to May 2, with Tony O’Rourke and Julia Foster:

In Iowa, at West High School in Davenport, John Rasler gave Emily Shank a spanking:

And at the Wimbledon Light Opera Society, Michael Pardoe did the same to Lorraine Ely:

If you were in Wisconsin between October 22 and 25, you’d have had the opportunity to see this happening to Patti L. Sandman, courtesy of Tony Blattler, in the Central Wisconsin Area Community Theater production:

The award for best OTK positioning of the year goes to the University of North Dakota:

And the best facial reaction from Lilli? Check out this publicity photo for the Blackpool Operatic Players:

2 thoughts on “Kiss Me Kate: 1998

  1. jimc says:

    Always great to see the years of KMK i do like the otk the best and some like you mention do seem to fit otk better. thanks for sharing Have a great day.


  2. Thanks for more KMK photos, Harry! It’s a great show, with some of Cole Porter’s best tunes, and deserves to be done a lot!

    I’ve heard that some productions cut the spanking– what th’ heck?!!– but most enjoy it as the slapstick (slap-something, anyway) it’s meant to be! And I certainly enjoy it!

    Now, I did theatre in high school and a year of college, but was never in any play with spanking. I certainly wouldn’t have been the Leading Man in KMK, but, as you’ve documented frequently here, there are other shows with that opportunity! Then again, I would have plotzed!!


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