Spank the Bride


Just married?

There are many hazards for a bride to negotiate en route to and from the altar on her big day. Well in advance, she must attend fittings for the dress, occasions when she runs the risk of seeming overdressed compared with everyone else.

On the eve of the wedding, there’s the hen party.

Even a bride-to-be who’s never been spanked in her life before, like Chelsea here, can’t expect be spared:

Occasionally the bride gets to whack the bridesmaid:

But the bridesmaid may get her own back on the day itself:

The best man may also want to have a go:

But since a wedding traditionally marks a transfer of responsibility, there are two men with particular spanking claims on the bridal bottom. First, the father of the bride:

And then the groom:

No spanking at the ceremony, of course, but the photos outside afterwards provide a great opportunity.

Next there’s the wedding breakfast.

We’ve seen elsewhere that wedding cakes are sometimes decorated with figurines making a useful suggestion:

Cake was the cause of the next bride’s downfall, too: the naughty girl rubbed it in her new husband’s face!

A well-behaved bride, on the other hand, may be allowed to help spank the matron of honor:

And off they go on honeymoon:

We hope they’ll be very happy together – even if sometimes she may have a little difficulty sitting down!

For more wedding spankings, go here.

4 thoughts on “Spank the Bride

  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    Another fine, fun entry, Harry, thank you!

    Isn’t it remarkable how many couples of varying kinkiness but all with obvious great humor not only pose for spanking photos but share them on the Internet for Zeus and everybody to see?

    As a matter of fact, if I’m not mistaken– and that does happen! A lot! — the fellow in the black tux spanking his new wife at their reception (the shot on the left just above the Toppers, which, by the way, is quite an appropriate term) Is a young “Tubaman” of the Spanking 101 video series!

    He had shared that picture, if that is the one I’m remembering, when the Web was new at one of the Yahoo Groups! In answer to my remark on it, Tubaman said he and she wanted to do that, but had to feel out the crowd first so as not to spook any of them. Apparently everyone took it with the good humor intended.

    I’ve used the Wedding scenario in some WolfieToons, too! It just seems to beg for it!

    Coincidentally, I’m attending a wedding next week! Knowing the people, I’ll be very surprised if there is any public spanking. Delighted, but very surprised.

    Thanks again, Harry– I peek in here all the time, but usually late in the day when I’m tired and too cranky to comment!


  2. jaguariveco says:

    Thanks for cheering me up! I have my hen night on Tuesday, and am getting married on Saturday week. Your article was shown me by a bridesmaid to be.l

    Liked by 1 person

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